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Your Gut Microbiome

I’m here to share with you about what I think is the most important organ and that is the gut So, for those of you who don’t know what the gut microbiome It’s, everything from your mouth…



I’m here to share with you about what I think is the most important organ and that is the gut microbiome. So, for those of you who don’t know what the gut microbiome is. It’s, everything from your mouth to your colon, from entry to exit all the bits in between.

So your stomach, your small intestine, your large intestine and all of the little critters that live in there, so bacteria, fungi, viruses and cells. There are trillions of these little critters that are living in there and we’ll talk about this a little bit more later, but diversity is so important in the gut.

So why is it important to build a better gut? Well, it’s, really important for long-term health. So if you have a healthy gut, you’re gonna feel more energetic. You’re gonna get sick less often you’re gonna, have better mental clarity and ultimately have better emotional well-being versus, If you don’t have a healthy gut.

build a better gut

A lot of research is showing that this is related to things like autoimmune conditions, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and even emotional issues like anxiety and depression.

So our theme for today is you are what you eat, so you’re. Probably sitting there thinking yeah, you know as a kid my parents always used to tell me you are what you eat as they tried to foist broccoli off on me or if you were really really lucky, Brussels sprouts and other things like that, but the reality is They’re, actually right.

Eating poorly can do really two things so the first one it can prevent you from getting the nutrients that you need to stay healthy and, second, it can actually damage and change the entire composition of your gut, which will render it unable to digest things properly and Create the nutrients that you need to function so today we’re gonna look at three molecules that you get from dietary intake.

You have to eat these things, so the first is something called tryptophan. You’ve, probably heard of this Thanksgiving comes everybody talks about the tryptophan induced coma that happens after you have your food.

It’s found in Turkey, but it’s also found in things like eggs and chia seeds. So your body takes tryptophan and converts it into a lot of other, really important molecules, two of which we’re gonna talk about today, so one called serotonin serotonin is something that makes you happy super important and something called melatonin which actually helps You to sleep so imagine if you don’t have any tryptophan or you’re, not consuming enough tryptophan.

Well, no matter how many roses or diamonds or chocolates your significant other brings you it’s. Just not gonna make you happy and that’s kind of sad. Also, you won’t, be able to sleep, so you won’t, be able to count sheep at night.

Another example is a compound called tyrosine, so tyrosine. Another amino acid is found in foods like almonds, but it’s. Also found in lentils and seeds and edamame tyrosine is converted to a variety of really important things as well.

So we’ll talk about dopamine. Dopamine is a compound that you may have heard of, and it’s. Essentially, it motivates you to do stuff, so it’s. This initiative oriented behavior that it helps to propel an epinephrine which is also known as adrenaline, the fight-or-flight molecule, which is really helpful when you’re up on this stage.

So you know imagine if you don’t have these things. What would happen well here’s. What would happen one you’d, be drooling on your couch or worse. Yet if you were being chased by a mountain lion which I’m sure you know who knows may happen at some point in everybody’s, life, the emoji being you know, huh you don’t want this to happen.

Right, you need a body to respond to these types of situations. Third, we’re gonna talk about something called indole-3 lactic acids, so it’s really important found in fermented foods. Things like pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir ila is super important because your body takes it in and there’s.

Certain bacteria in the guts that actually convert the ILA into something called IPA indle Pro prion ik acid, that into appropriate ik acid, is actually one of the strongest antioxidants in the body and again you guys might have heard of what you know.

This word antioxidant, but I’ll, explain what it does. So in your body, you have a variety of different chemical processes that happen, and they many of them create things called free radicals. These are bad.

They’re reactive species that go and damage your cells, they damage DNA and then ultimately can lead to things like cancer. So these antioxidants come in and actually break down your free radicals, keeping you healthy longer.

So clearly eating certain types of foods is really necessary to keep you healthy, but it’s, not sufficient. A healthy microbiome is needed to be able to execute these conversion processes that we’re.

Talking about to take things in to digest them and to spit out other molecules that are really important to your health. So let’s talk a little bit about what makes a healthy microbiome. So I’ve tried to simplify this a bit, but essentially each emoji is a type of bacteria.

You have different ones right, so you’ve got some that digest veggies, some that digest meats and breads and oils, and your gut is populated by many many different types of things. So in a healthy gut you have very diverse species.

In there now let’s say you decide that you are just going to eat foods that are really high in fat. Things like hotdogs and ice cream and and pizza, although Pizza, sounds really good right now, if you train your systems to do this, your guts going to start using more and more of the type of bacteria that are used to seeing the kinds of foods that you Eat and eventually you’re, going to skew the ratios.

Those bacteria are going to out-compete the other types that are there, because they’re, just not being used, and then you’ll end up with a situation where you can have a very unhealthy, not diverse, set of bacteria.

In your gut now you might ask: can you reverse that? Yes, but it often takes a lot of time and energy to do. Sometimes you actually can’t. Sometimes you just you know once those bacteria are gone, it’s, really tough, to bring them back.

So what’s really interesting? Is the body tries to actually generate the right building blocks? Even if you’ve damaged your gut so again on the bottom right hand, side you can see there’s, a silhouette.

You can see the little emojis down at the bottom. They’ve taken in food, but you don’t, have a diverse set of bacteria in there. They’ve taken in your food and they’re. Trying to create these compounds to keep you healthy, but there’s, just not enough of them.

They’re, not working the right way, whereas on the other side you’ve got a silhouette where the person has lots of diversity, lots of different bacteria emojis and they’re being able to take in the food, digest it and spit out many things that are really important to keep you healthy.

Now, here’s, the sad part, many of the things that we do in our life are in fact completely lethal to the microbiome. I love chips. Sadly, you don’t find a lot of healthy stuff. In most chips, you’re, not gonna find tiresome tryptophan or ILA.

Here antibiotics medicines helpful, but they kill bacteria and they don’t just kill bad bacteria. They kill all bacteria and so oftentimes after you’ve gone through a course of antibiotics. You kill off your microbiome, sometimes it never rebuilds properly again stress you know you hear, this stress kills kills thing stress is bad.

We could have a whole 30 minute. Talk on the impact of stress on the microbiome stress is in fact, extremely bad for the microbiome, your central nervous system. Your brain is intimately connected to your gun.

The two talk back and forth to each other think about it. When you’re stressed, have a headache you feel terrible. You often feel that stress in your stomach butterflies in your stomach anxiety. Sometimes you have to go to the bathroom more it’s, the to talk to each other, all the time they’re intimately connected, and so the more stressed you are the more likely it is that you will damage your microbiome and Then, lastly, you know we live in a very aseptic society and this is bad decreases.

The diversity of bacteria in the gut one of my favorite examples is, you know back many years ago, kids would play in the dirt and they’d, be exposed to all kinds of different things. Now kids come inside, they watch TV they play on their phones and a lot of diseases are actually being connected to the lack of diversity in the gut things like autism, ADHD, so super important to get outside.

So what can we do about this? Well, the good news is not all is lost, it is possible to improve your gut, and this is one of the things that I get to do every day and I’m, so fortunate in my job, my company actually is trying to measure the Functional state of the gut define what that is, and then to create interventions to improve it.

We call this improving your internal fitness. So what are some simple things that you can do to help improve your gut? Well, one we’ve talked about changing your diet. Two we’ve, talked about stress management techniques, incorporating mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises to minimize your stress or exercise is great.

Fifteen twenty minutes of walking a day can help to. You know, keep you regular it can. You know we talked about that in front of the group that’s. What we do it can help to, you know, mitigate your stress and it can actually help to promote the growth of certain types of bacteria and then, lastly targeted supplementation.

I’m, not saying to take lots of different supplements. I’m saying: if there’s, certain things that your body needs, you might actually take a supplement yeah. Sometimes there’s, a lot of fish that you have to eat in order to get the equivalency of one pill, but make sure it’s.

What you need so the next time that you’re lying on the couch feeling lethargic and not sure why or you’re sick, the fifth time in a year, listen to your gut!

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The Best Gut Cleanse Product Ever! Featuring Tim James



The Best Gut Cleanse Product Ever!  Featuring Tim James

Hello friend James here your chemical-free health coach founder of chemical free body calm thank you so much for stopping by today to check out another one of our amazing products from our chemical free body comm supplement line gut cleanse plus now gut cleanse plus is the foundational cornerstone to our ultimate gut cleanse manual if you.

Haven’t already checked out that manual make sure you get a copy that’s how I healed myself a leaky gut syndrome basically step by step and gut cleanse plus is at the beginning that it’s the first domino that you want to kick over when you start transforming yourself so why don’t we take this gut cleanse plus product well the average person today is.

Walking around with about 6 to 12 pounds of impacted fecal material and mucoid plaque lining the large and small intestine now that sounds bad it sounds nasty and it is but what’s even worse is it’s impeding your ability to absorb nutrients and you’re basically just recycling a bunch of toxins because that’s what’s housed in that mucoid.

Plaque and in that a fecal material you want to get that stuff out of you and this stuff does an awesome job now most of you why did why don’t we come up with this well when I was when I coach people on their health for years I would tell them to get a colon hydrotherapy session that’s what I did I didn’t want to do it in the beginning but when I found out.

About how much crud was inside of me it made sense that hey my car my body needs a tune-up I need to change the transmission fluid so I went and got it done and guess what guys in an hour I dropped 10 pounds of that nasty funk and gunk and junk that was lining my intestinal tract and I felt so much better and so much lighter but a lot of.

People look on the internet and they get freaked out about it or they just don’t have access to it now I still am a big proponent of colon hydrotherapy and I think you should still do that but I think it’s what’s nice about it with gut cleanse plus some people just don’t have access to it or if you’re not going to do it you still need your gut cleaned so.

This is a way you can do it with just three raw tablets and you’re gonna take this either twice a day when you take three tablets in the morning and three tablets at night during the initial 15 day cleanse or you can do two two and two you on an empty stomach but what we found out is that most people don’t want.

To pack the bottle back and forth to work so just do three in the morning and three at night if you’re super busy it’s going to do pretty much as good a job as doing two two and two and that’s pretty much what everybody’s doing it works great and so you’re gonna do that for fifteen days and then at the end of that then you just take you get another.

Bottle and then you just take three tablets daily for maintenance now here’s the big rub a lot of people are freaked out about getting diarrhea and I totally understand and get that because people are busy at work they’re busy taking care of kids or you’re an athlete or you’re traveling you’re not gonna have to worry about that with gut cleanse.

Plus that’s the beauty of it every part of our program is not only designed to be as super healthy as possible and use naturally occurring ingredients but I’m also trying to match it up with our crazy busy lifestyle so what if you are busy at work you can take this there’s no diarrhea if you’re leaving to go on a vacation or you’re you work a lot you.

Travel you don’t have to worry you can start this immediately and just take these tablets and you’re gonna cleanse and you’re not even gonna know it so that you’re cleansing because there is no diarrhea now I will say there there has been a little bit of diarrhea and it’s typically elderly women these are the coaching’s good students I’ve worked.

With and had the issue and they’ve got severe digestive tract issues and typically they also have severe allergies too from long-term nutrient deficiencies so in that case you might instead of doing three tablets and three tablets you just do two tablets and two tablets or if you’re really really you know sensitive to that then just do one.

Tablet in one tablet and you just kind of everybody’s got to figure it out for themselves but for most people it’s three and three or two to two for the initial cleanse and then after that it’s just three of these raw food real food tablets per day for maintenance and that’s what they are guys it’s just a blend of three raw fruits I didn’t come.

Up with this formula dr. Scott Treadway turned me on to it he’s been taking it for 20 years he picked it up in a couple clinics that he worked at over in India and they basically wouldn’t let anybody leave their clinic without being on this formula and why because it’s such a good body balancer so I guess this would be a good.

To talk about why is it just called it’s not just gut cleanse it’s gut cleanse plus there’s so much more to this formula than just cleansing your gut which is super important by the way super important and it’s number one but besides cleaning your gun out and doing it on a microscopic level it’s gonna clean all this little intestinal villi.

Off and and clean the way so they paved the way for good elimination so you can have better bowel movements better mental clarity and better absorption this is also an adaptogen so it helps with stress this also has some radio protective properties too so can protect us from radiation poisoning pretty cool especially on the west coast over here.

We’re getting bombed by Fukushima it’s not in the news a lot but that’s what’s happening a lot of radiation out there today x-rays nuclear fallout and stuff like that rampant this product is also highly antimicrobial which is great because what’s going on in the gut well we typically have when I’m working with people in the beginning their guts are.

Very acidic and they’re loaded with these microbes and there are low oxygen area this is going to help turn that around and get your gut to be alkaline and to be a non acidic and higher oxygen so we can start changing that internal terrain so then we can finally start the long term goal is then we can put good nutrients in like with the green e5.

Formula and then reestablish with the good probiotics to rebuild your immune system which most of it is those good beneficial bacteria but we got to get that thing in balance and you’re not gonna have good bacteria going on down there if you got six to 12 pounds of nasty gunk lining your intestinal tract and that’s.

Exactly what this is gonna do it’s gonna do it in a gentle form you’re gonna be able to get it out you won’t even know you’re cleansing and we’ve just recently had a few other people that have been using it to cut back on cravings because it’s gonna balance your blood sugar so it helps with it helps with food cravings and weight loss which is good.

We’ve also had people have cravings from other things like chewing tobacco so and possibly even smoking so try it out for yourself let us know how it’s working for you if it works for cravings as well it’s an awesome product I will be taking this product for the rest of my life and why because I’m always retox ting I live in this polluted environment.

Today I don’t eat perfect and some of the things in my food are gonna to retox me and I always just want to have gut cleanse plus going in every day just very gently it’s safe for long-term use it’s not like you know taking Metamucil Zoar or you know psyllium husks or something like that it’s going to be like putting your digestive tract in a.

Sling and then atrophy it’s not going to do that it doesn’t hurt the good bacteria either so there’s a wonderful product awesome product totally suggest you stop by our store grab yourself a bottle of gut cleanse plus or get it in one of our gut cleanse packs and get started on this today this is a game-changing product it’s foundational.

So anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this video about gut cleanse plus thanks for stopping by and as always you know you deserve to have amazing health why wait any longer get over here and join us join the chemical free movement today start changing yourself from the inside out with products like gut cleanse plus you’re gonna feel better and ask people.

See those changes in you and you start losing weight and feeling better they’re gonna want a little bit of that you can share with them how you’re doing it it’s not that hard it’s not complicated and that’s how we’re gonna make a difference in our community and our friends or family and this world we call home thanks again for stopping by and we’ll.

See you guys all again real soon

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Get Better Health with Gut Cleanse Plus featuring Dr Treadway



Get Better Health with Gut Cleanse Plus featuring Dr  Treadway

In the quest for better health and vitality, the importance of gut health cannot be overstated. Enter Gut Cleanse Plus, a revolutionary approach to holistic wellness. In this article, we delve into the depths of Gut Cleanse Plus, featuring insights from none other than Dr. Treadway, a renowned expert in the field.

Understanding Gut Cleanse Plus: Gut Cleanse Plus is not just another health supplement; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to optimize gut health. With a unique blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge science, Gut Cleanse Plus targets digestive issues at their root, promoting balance and vitality from within.

Dr. Treadway’s Expertise: Dr. Treadway, a distinguished figure in the realm of holistic health, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With a deep understanding of the gut-brain connection and the role of digestion in overall well-being, Dr. Treadway has played a pivotal role in the development of Gut Cleanse Plus.

Key Benefits of Gut Cleanse Plus:

  • Digestive Support: Gut Cleanse Plus aids in the breakdown and absorption of nutrients, ensuring optimal digestive function.
  • Detoxification: By eliminating toxins and waste buildup, Gut Cleanse Plus helps purify the body and promote detoxification.
  • Gut Microbiome Balance: With its potent blend of probiotics and prebiotics, Gut Cleanse Plus fosters a healthy gut microbiome, essential for immune function and overall health.
  • Increased Energy: By promoting better nutrient absorption and gut health, Gut Cleanse Plus can lead to increased energy levels and vitality.

Real People, Real Results: The efficacy of Gut Cleanse Plus extends beyond theory; it’s backed by real-life success stories. From individuals struggling with digestive issues to those seeking to enhance their overall well-being, Gut Cleanse Plus has garnered praise for its transformative effects.

Conclusion: In a world where optimal health is often elusive, Gut Cleanse Plus offers a beacon of hope. With its scientifically formulated blend and endorsement from experts like Dr. Treadway, it stands as a testament to the power of holistic wellness. Embrace Gut Cleanse Plus, and unlock the door to better health and vitality.

Whether you’re aiming to alleviate digestive discomfort or simply enhance your overall well-being, Gut Cleanse Plus is your partner on the journey to optimal health.

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Gut Like Clockwork, Good Digestion & Elimination with Digestive Enzyme Formula



Gut Like Clockwork, Good Digestion & Elimination  with Digestive Enzyme Formula

Today and I’m really excited to share with you our digestive enzyme and mineral formula one of my favorite formulism so why are they just immense I’m so helpful for people to balance their digestion improve their gut health and slow the aging process this is a proprietary blend that can consist of about 20 powerful strains of enzymes and.

Vital minerals which boosts the enzymes effectiveness this is why proprietary while simultaneously boosting your abuses because we’re so deficient in minerals today they assist in the digestion of food so when you’re eating stuff that’s heavy you just take some of these and it just gives it right through you.

They help eliminate heartburn diarrhea and constipation they also improve nutrient absorption which helps boost the music increase your energy levels and let’s not forget that these enzymes are also great for anti-aging since they charge yourselves with electric that’s creating a shield protecting your cells from free radical damage you’ll look and.

Feel great on this formula let me demonstrate how you’re gonna take this form in it’s simple you take 1 to 2 capsules before during or after meal that’s it you can also take it if you want an energy boost on an empty stomach so I also want to point out that all of our products here are chemical free there’s no magnesium stearate.

No silicon dioxide which again is a level 3 toxins on the epa toxin list there’s no effect calcium phosphate you’re gonna see if you look on your labels and most supplements have these things we avoid that like the plate you’re only gonna find the highest quality 1% raw wild crafted ingredients and there’s no slave labor we’re proud.

Of that so for better digestion increased energy and anti-aging digestive for a minute to your car to try it out and we also offer this formula with our bundles with our other products that you can also give us on our auto-ship program for greater savings so thanks for stopping by and we look forward to.

Hearing what the digestive enzyme and mineral formula did for you

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